As a working makeup artist traveling to set everyday and brand creator designing on the go, I find it important to stay meticulously organized. This is reflected in my daily station set up and the way I keep track of all of my business. Adding “freelance” into the mix makes things even harder to keep straight. Work/life balance, finances, sleep schedules, social media, business meetings, and follow up can all quickly become overwhelming. Necessity is the mother of invention and after trying generic planners, journaling planners, and “busy people” planners, I found it was time to create an “everything” tool for balancing our very unique freelance businesses.

The Freelancer is made of all of the hard lessons I have learned over my 17 years as a freelance makeup artist. It is a business planner specifically built for Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists at every professional level to calculate rates to make profit and for you to easily see the financial health of your business. It is an educational tool built to encourage and support your on-going education in our ever evolving profession. It is an appointment book for you to keep track of everything you accomplish in a day. I created this tool just for you as your cheat sheet to success.

The Freelancer is made up of one human as well as some select industry collaborators who are passionate about creating organization systems and accessories with personality. The Freelancer is meant to evolve with the community. Every year through feedback and discussions with freelancers like you, more pertinent information gets added, and the bones of the design are adjusted. Every year the planner art theme changes, but is always inspired by and grounded in who I am - allowing me to be a part of your journey as a freelancer. Every year the monthly educational focuses change with the tides of our industry. Every year is made to be a collectors item and is printed in a very limited release.

I wholeheartedly believe in artists supporting artists. I look forward to connecting with you on set and on social platforms - and I look forward to sharing your business endeavors with our community. There is nothing we can’t accomplish together!

-Alisha L. Baijounas, Creator